1 Jun 2014

Lidia Boševski workshop - Texture database - Clay and wood

The fourth open workshop 
of Association Terracotta continues the work on the project by Lidia Boševski

In the fourth Terakota workshop we worked with wood textures (branches, sections, bark)
Participants created prints for the database of textures and the prints
that will be designed so that they can serve as a ceramics tools.

Each student created an object inspired by a form from the nature
 with wood texture applied on it.
Soil and wood are inseparable, so the clay welcomes cellulose – if joined, they can form a new material. Wood/cellulose we may find in the paper, material ubiquitous in our everyday life. 
At the end of this workshop everyone created a sample of paper from wood pulp found in the woods and recycled paper.

Find more at: Terakota
Photo credit: Lidia Boševski
Source: facebook.com


  1. Anonymous07:46

    I love +++ research and your work. Like you, clay, texture, wood and Nature !
    Martine Remy ( Facebook )

    1. Thank you very much for your comment! Stay in touch :)


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